Here is a list of known implementations. For more information, have a look at their respective pages.


The SHALL library is a C++/Qt based library implementing SECoP. It can be used for programming SECNodes in C, C++ and other languages compatible with the C-interface. In particular, a LabView binding is provided for easy integration of SECoP into existing LabView projects.


Frappy is a Python-based framework that provides a basis for constructing SECNodes. The aim is for you to only program the parts relevant to communication with your hardware, and letting the framework handle everything else. Maybe you do not even need to code, since we have already written some drivers that you can also use! It also comes with a graphical client out of the box.


Octopy is SECoP in a publish/subscribe, topics based environment: an industrial IOT centered solution with an EPICS connection. It builds its SECoP infrastructure upon MQTT and provides interfaces for easy configuration like Node-red.